Private Town Planning Services for Small Property Projects in Queensland.

What is town planning and how does it impact you?

Town planning is the process of designing and regulating the development of urban and regional areas. It helps to ensure that these areas are safe, efficient, and attractive. 

Whilst you may not love the red tape or legislation of your local Council, town planning is important because it can impact our daily lives in a number of ways. For example, it helps to determine the location of roads, schools, and parks. It also regulates the size and height of buildings. Town planning can even influence the way a town or city looks and feels. In short, town planning is an essential part of creating livable communities. And while it may not always be obvious, it impacts each of us on a daily basis. 

Why would you need a private town planner?

If you’re planning to undertake a property project, private town planners can help ensure that you comply with current planning legislation and obtain the necessary approvals from your local council. 

A private town planning service can provide expert advice on a range of issues, including zoning, density and land use. They can also help you to prepare and submit development applications, representing your interests throughout the development approval process. 

What does JREY offer that you won’t find elsewhere?

At JREY we are passionate about giving you, our small project client the service you need and deserve. We source, test and handpick the best independent town planners out there and work with them directly. 

If you are looking for a friendly team that can help and genuinely wants to see your project approved in the most effective and timely manner, contact us today. 

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Meet Jessica Reynolds

Founder, JREY.

Jessica obtained her Bachelor in Regional and Town Planning (Hons) from the University of Queensland in 2011 and worked for several Brisbane based town planning firms during and after completion of her studies.

In late 2014, she founded Urban Planners Queensland as sole director.

The company services projects throughout Queensland, assisting architects, building designers, builders, project managers, developers and their clients navigate State and Local planning legislation, and advocating for their proposals.

She founded the Creating Australia Podcast in 2018 with the final episode airing in 2021. 

Urban Planners Queensland was re-branded as JREY mid-2022 to align with the companies maturing goals and experience.