2022 changes to Schedule 6 of the Planning Regulation 2017

In December 2022, The Queensland State Government enacted ’emergency housing’ changes to Schedule 6 of the Planning Regulation 2017. This was just one part of the State planning legislation amended with the intent to reduce red tape and get more housing stock into QLD.  Below we explain how this impacts your property and development projects […]

How Long does it take to Obtain Council Approval?

The time it takes to obtain development approval from a council through Queensland’s town planning assessment system can vary depending on a number of factors, including: the complexity of the proposal, the completeness of the application, the workload of the council.   Typically, it can between 2 and 7 weeks for a simple development application, […]

#52 | Residential Architecture with Rebecca Caldwell of Maytree Studios

With a non-traditional business model, well-articulated service offerings and beautiful designs; Bec Caldwell’s Maytree Studios is a Brisbane favourite for architectural design.  In this episode Jessica Reynolds and Rebecca Caldwell discuss what starting a small business is really like and the different approaches Bec has taken with Maytree Studios to make architecture more accessible without […]

#53 | Leadership in Architecture with Cameron Frazer, CEO of ThomsonAdsett

With an impressive resume of leadership positions in and out of the architecture field, Cameron Frazer bravely took on the role of CEO at ThomsonAdsett in the midst of a global pandemic and national recession.  In this episode of Creating Australia, we discuss his history (and love) of taking on challenging roles and his ability […]

#57 | Buying Sites with Jacob Butler of Hunter Gather Buyers Agents

Jacob Butler is a buyers’ agent and the founder of premium agency Hunter Gather. With a proven track record in the real estate industry, he worked in both sales and buyers’ advocacy for leading agencies including Ray White and Cohen Handler before founding Hunter Gather. In this episode Jessica and Jacob discuss: Jacob’s journey to […]

#58 | Build Your Best Life with Sherrie Storor Business Coach

Sherrie Storor is a sales and business coach for high performers. With a personal sales achievement of over 850 properties and the management of more than 4,000 transactions over her career, Sherrie has a speciality and fondness for coaching real estate agents to “success without sacrifice”.   In this episode, Jessica and Sherrie discuss: Sherrie’s […]

#60 | Get Curious with Master Photographer with Alanna Jayne Mctiernan

Alanna Jayne Mctiernan is a master photographer and professional storyteller. She works with architects, interior designers, urban designers and landscape architects to showcase their creations.  In this episode we discuss: Alanna’s career from portrait photographer to working with urban spaces and places Being a Brisbane local living in a Queenslander. Purchasing a house and starting […]

The Difference Between an Urban Planner and a Town Planner

There is no difference between a town planner and an urban planner, both terms refer to someone from within the same industry. You may hear or use different terms depending on where you are in the world or the consultant team you are working with.  What is a Town Planner, or Urban Planner? A town […]

How to Obtain Development Approval in Queensland

What is a Development Approval A development approval may be referred to as a DA, Planning Permit or Council Approval.  In the State of Queensland, you may require an approval for your property project if you wish to: Increase dwelling density Increase the intensity of an existing use Change a use Subdivide land Develop land […]

#62 | Building Design with Aaron Wailes of Green Coast Design

Aaron Wailes is a building designer and owner of Green Coast Design.In this episode we discuss: Aaron’s career progression Setting up a business during the GFC Rebranding from Aaron Wailes Building Design to Green Coast Design Creating relationships over obtaining free advice  How to contact Aaron    Jessica Reynolds  Hi there. Welcome to the creating […]