Rent Out Your Granny Flat

secondary dwelling qld

Can I rent out my QLD granny flat? As of 26 September 2022, the Queensland Government has amended planning legislation for all Queensland Councils to enable secondary dwellings, also known as a granny flat to be occupied by a second household. JREY town planning expert believes this will allow for some increased rental options for […]

Secondary Dwelling or Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancy vs Secondary Dwellings

The difference between a secondary dwelling and a dual occupancy A secondary dwelling is also colloquially known as a granny flat. A secondary dwelling is the use of a premises containing two dwellings on one lot (whether or not attached) for a single household. A dual occupancy in Queensland is also called a duplex. Unlike other States […]

Town Planner Fees

town planner fees

What does it cost to engage a town planner? A standard hourly charge for a town planner is between $150-$300 AUD. The fees charged depend on the consultancy size, experience and the project. What should you budget for town planning fees? If you are seeking initial town planning advice we recommend budgeting $500 for smaller […]

Town Planning In Ipswich

Ipswich Town Planner

About the Ipswich City Plan Council adopted the Consolidated Ipswich Planning Scheme on 14 December 2005 which took effect (commencement date) on 23 January 2006. Each locality is further divided into Zones and in some cases, Sub Areas and Precincts. The planning scheme also provides a secondary organisational layer called Overlays, which are based on […]

STCA meaning?

STCA stands for ‘Subject to Council Approval’. But what does STCA mean? The meaning of the STCA acronym implies that a property has potential to be developed or re-developed but only with a Council development approval. The statement STCA is often utilised (sometimes over-utilised) by real estate agents in Queensland to imply a property has […]

The Small Lot Code | Brisbane

Brisbane small lot code

The dwelling house small lot code by Brisbane City Council is one of the best codes of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Why? You know exactly what you need to do to comply with the acceptable outcomes. Clear and simple. To an extent. One part of the legislation we are often requested to look at is […]

Health Care Service Approval

health care services approval

What is a Health Care Service?   “Health care service means the use of premises for medical purposes, paramedical purposes, alternative health therapies or general health care, if overnight accommodation is not provided on the premises”   Dental clinics, medical centres and physiotherapy clinics all fall under the use of Health care service. This use […]

Brisbane Carports and Garages

Carport approval Brisbane

Does my Brisbane carport or garage need a Development Application? In some cases Brisbane carports and garages will require a development application (town planning application) to be submitted to Council. Below we have created a few simple steps to identify if your carport or garage will trigger an application requirement. Step 1: Determine if you have […]

Brisbane Character House

dwelling house character brisbane

If you go to a town planner with any pre-war dwelling house in the Traditional Building Character Overlay and ask if it can be demolished the answer is going to be a strong no 98% of the time. (If your house is not within an overlay which protects traditional character then please speak with your […]