Brisbane & Logan RiskSMART

What is RiskSMART?

What is better than getting your development approval in 1 month? Getting your DA in 2 weeks (10 business days).


Brisbane RiskSmart

Brisbane City Council has offered their RiskSMART fast-track program for a number of years with Urban Planners Queensland being listed as an accredited consultancy. Many years ago your application would have received a large discount on Council fees and approval issued in 5 business days, however this became untenable. As of 2021, Brisbane City Council re-vamped their RiskSMART offering after consultations with industry professionals and internal reviews.

Three key changes made to RiskSMART in 2021 included:

  • no longer is there a need for accreditation
  • you must use Council’s report template for lodgement
  • there is no discount on Council fees

For your development application to qualify for the fast-track, post-2021 assessment process it must:

  • be low risk
  • comply with the eligible development type criteria
  • be decision-ready
  • be City Plan 2014 compliant
  • be well-made

In other words:

  • Your development must be a specific type of development that Council can assess without risk of a neighbour complaint
  • Your development application package must be 100% complete and correct in accordance with State and Local planning requirements
  • Your design and project needs to clearly comply with the acceptable outcomes of the relevant City Plan 2014 codes
  • The development must not cause any waves by being compliant and well documented


Logan RiskSMART

Under the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, code assessable development (material change of use and reconfiguring a lot) is eligible for the RiskSmart assessment if it meets all acceptable outcomes and the RiskSmart criteria.

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If the proposed development does not meet an acceptable outcome it must be assessed against the performance outcome. Before lodging the development application an accredited RiskSmart consultant may ask us for advice about compliance with the performance outcome.

RiskSmart is a quick and easy way for development applications to be approved. Simple, low-risk applications can be assessed by accredited RiskSmart consultants.

The accredited consultant assesses the application against the Logan Planning Scheme and the RiskSmart criteria. They then prepare the approval paperwork and supporting documentation. Our officers review the documentation and we issue the decision notice (usually within 5 business days).

RiskSmart applications are eligible for a discount on application fees.


Should I use Risk Smart?

As with anything there are pros and cons to RiskSMART. Whilst there is definitely appeal in a quick development approval, the fast-track process is not the best option for a number of projects. Primarily, the ability to negotiate and request Performance Outcomes over Acceptable Outcomes may result in a better product or yield.

Gold Coast Express DA

Express development application (Express DA) is a fast-tracked development assessment process for low-complexity applications.

Express DAs are usually assessed within 10 to 15 business days from acceptance of a properly made application.

Our Express development – applicant guidelines(PDF, 1MB)▸ LISTEN explain:

  • the Express DA process from start to finish
  • types of applications which can be processed through Express DA
  • standard of information needed to make an application.

Eligible applications

The following land use activities are eligible to progress through the Express DA process:

  • dual occupancy
  • multiple dwelling (3 to 10 dwellings)
  • food and drink outlet
  • health care services
  • office
  • shop
  • low-impact industry
  • warehouse.
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Building and construction COVID–19 economic stimulus incentive – permanent 20% reduction of Express Development Application fees will apply from the 28 October 2021.