The Difference Between an Urban Planner and a Town Planner

There is no difference between a town planner and an urban planner, both terms refer to someone from within the same industry. You may hear or use different terms depending on where you are in the world or the consultant team you are working with.  What is a Town Planner, or Urban Planner? A town […]

How to Obtain Development Approval in Queensland

What is a Development Approval A development approval may be referred to as a DA, Planning Permit or Council Approval.  In the State of Queensland, you may require an approval for your property project if you wish to: Increase dwelling density Increase the intensity of an existing use Change a use Subdivide land Develop land […]

Development Approval Currency Period

What is a currency period Once Council permits are issued a common and necessary question from clients is “how long will my development permit last?”, “what is the development approval currency period?” or other variation, “how long do I have to start and complete my Council Approval?”. The technical term being the ‘currency period’ is […]