Be DA lodgement ready in 3-5 business days for Council Approval. 

We will educate, prepare and lodge your development application to obtain development approval ASAP.

Development Approvals

Be lodgement ready within 3 business days [assuming you have the correct information] for Council approval. 

if you find yourself stating

I need a [MCU, ROL, BW] development permit aka Council Approval.

At JREY we offer more value than a traditional town planning consultancy. You still get the advice and assistance of an expert professional town planner with the bonus of an experienced client director who will enhance your development assessment experience. 

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“…detail and information offered was muchly appreciated.”

“…took it on board and sorted it in one day.”

“Very knowledgeable, excellent advice…”

“Managed to help us gain two difficult development approvals.”

“…provided us with intelligent, clear professional advice.”

Common Questions

No. We have no control over you, your designer, your consultants or government authorities. 

We can however guarantee honesty and transparency in our service. If we believe you are going to have issues obtaining approval then these will be identified and explained prior to lodgement of your development application. 

If you have all the required documentation and information suitable for development assessment the JREY team can undertake the town planning assessment and administrative documentation in 3-5 business days. 

This application package can then be lodged with your local Council to apply for development approval.

Depending on your project scale and how compliant with the planning scheme it is, Council approval could be obtained in as little as 2 weeks or as long as 2 years for complicated projects.

The average JREY development assessment period with Council is 5 weeks with 90% of projects being approved within 3 months. 

Prior to lodging your development application, the JREY team can advise a likely assessment period for you to be granted your development permit. 

No. We are town planning purists who only work with planning legislation. 

Visit this page if you want to learn the difference between a DA [development approval] and a BA [building approval]. 

If you are on this page, it is likely that you will require a DA because your architect/designer/project manager/building certifier has told you to check in with a town planner.

If you aren’t sure you need a DA we recommend you look at the JREY Preliminary Planning Review service.