Discover property development opportunities the JREY Way.

Own a QLD property or looking to purchase a site and need to quickly understand if the land has development potential? JREY has you covered!

JREY is dedicated to the small property project.

Houses, subdivision, warehouses, townhouses, duplex, apartments, industrial, mixed-use, office, indoor sport and recreation etc.

For less than one night at the Palazzo Versace you can find out if your property has development potential worth $$$$.

Here at JREY we are making quality private town planning advice easy to access during the initial stages of a project.

Our motto is "get the right advice for the right project" or if you are more pessimistic "get the right advice to avoid the wrong project".

Save time, money, and hassles

Don't muck around. Lodge your query and know you will have advice back within 2 business days.


We understand that you will require quality information so you can make educated decisions about your property.

We are here for YOU

No question is a dumb question and we can direct you to the right resource when you utilise JREY services.

How does this work?

Submit Your Query

Send your query using one of the below options. Through the form you can pay and provide any relevant documents.

Town Planner Reviews

One of our professional town planners will review your query and prepare a document and give an expert opinion.

Report Issued

A report will be issued to you so that you can make an educated decision about your property project.

Professional advice to move your property project forward.

JREY is the only Queensland firm dedicated to small property projects and improving access to upfront private town planning advice. 

We work with some of Queensland’s best town planners so you know you are getting local advice with the support of JREY values. 

Initial Opinion

Have a professional town planner give an opinion
$ 399 incl gst
  • 1-2 page document prepared by a professional town planner
  • Delivered within 2 business days
  • Option to add a second planner's opinion

Detailed Review

Clarify your options with an indepth review
$ 999 incl gst
  • 3-5 page document prepared by a professional town planner
  • Delivered within 5 business days
  • Best for due diligence or plan reviews
best value
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Urban Planners Queensland trading as JREY has been operating since 2014 as a private town planning firm offering initial advice and development approval services.

We have established relationships with architects, property owners, developers, project managers, builders, building certifiers, buyers agents and other property professionals. We are the real deal 🙂

If you don’t see the value in the review you have been given we will give you your money back! 

[obviously if you just don’t like the opinion that doesn’t count – we don’t make the planning rules].

Contact JREY to gain access to quality town planning opinions from experts. | (07) 3106 3221

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