change property zone

Can I change my property zoning?

There are many reasons why changing the zoning of your property may cross your mind. Perhaps you’re interested in doing something on your land which is in contravention to the current planning frameworks and regulations and is only permitted in a different zone. For example, you may wish to build a medium density apartment building in the Low Density Residential zone.

So, is this possible? Well, a rezoning is possible, but only in a very certain circumstance:

  • You hold a very large piece of land

It would be highly unlikely for a regular or small sized lot or land holding to be considered for rezoning, as rezoning may have significant implications for the surrounding properties, which may be deemed inappropriate.

However, if you are working with a large piece of land (hectares, not m2), in order to be considered for rezoning, you would have to submit a variation request to council, which is essentially a variation to the current planning scheme. Under the Planning Act 2016, a variation request may be made as “part of a development application for a preliminary approval for premises that seeks to vary the effect of any local planning instrument in effect for the premises”. Any variation request made under the Planning Act 2016 will be made as part of a Development Application under an impact assessment and would go to public notification.

If you’re not working with a large piece of land but still want to make changes to your property, planning schemes offer you the opportunity to meet ‘performance outcomes’ as a performance assessment through the Development Application process, in which you may still be able to achieve your desired outcomes while not complying with the Acceptable Outcomes found within the code.

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This article was written by an Urban Planners Queensland intern in 2019 and JREY edited in 2022.