health care services approval

Health Care Service Approval

What is a Health Care Service?


Health care service means the use of premises for medical purposes, paramedical purposes, alternative health therapies or general health care, if overnight accommodation is not provided on the premises


Dental clinics, medical centres and physiotherapy clinics all fall under the use of Health care service. This use term is defined in the Planning Regulation 2017. The term Health care service however does not include a community care centre or hospital.


Where will Council approve my Health care service (Dental clinic, medical centre, or physiotherapy clinic)?


Each Queensland local government has different requirements however, in general you can locate health care services with minimal issues in centre zones, these are zones intended for commercial uses.


Depending on the scale and operational requirements of your health care service proposal, your local Council may however support development in a residential zone.


What do I need to know before lodging my development application for a Health Care Service?


There are a number of requirements you must meet and information your private planning compliance specialist (town planner) will need to assist you to obtain development approval such as:

  • Hours of operation
  • Staffing requirements
  • Expected client numbers (a clear idea of how many client’s are on-site at one time)
  • Servicing requirements (the type of servicing vehicles required)
  • Refuse collection plan
  • The location of equipment (noise generators)
  • Car parking (has to be formal not informal)
  • The impacts on neighbouring residential uses
  • Landscaping proposed


Whilst a number of businesses fall under the planning definition of ‘Health care service’ each has its own requirements and operational differences. It is important that the above information is detailed early on to improve your chances of success.


This post was written by JREY managing director Jessica Reynolds on 2 February 2022.