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Town Planning In Ipswich

About the Ipswich City Plan


Council adopted the Consolidated Ipswich Planning Scheme on 14 December 2005 which took effect (commencement date) on 23 January 2006.


Each locality is further divided into Zones and in some cases, Sub Areas and Precincts. The planning scheme also provides a secondary organisational layer called Overlays, which are based on special attributes of land that need to be protected, or that may constrain development. There are two types of overlays – character places overlays and development constraints overlays.


The Planning Scheme uses the concepts of Overall Outcomes, Specific Outcomes, Probable Solutions and Acceptable Solutions for a zone, overlay or code.


Overall Outcomes are essentially the overall purpose or intent statements. Specific Outcomes are the more detailed performance objectives.


Probable Solutions represent one way of achieving a specific outcome and may be either increased or decreased by the Local Government depending on the individual circumstances of the proposal.


Acceptable Solutions apply only to self-assessable development and represent a precise measure for compliance.

New Ipswich Planning Scheme

Council is preparing a new planning scheme, the Draft Ipswich Planning Scheme 2019

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