Build your lifestyle business the JREY way.

Increase time freedom and profits. Create your own personal brand as a licensed JREY town planning consultant. 

About you.

You want to work for yourself [freedom, money, own clients] and be a known private town planning expert within the property and development industry. 

You don’t want to work the 9-5 but you don’t want the stress of building a big business. 

You might have 15 years experience and ready for more life-work balance leveraging your existing network or just 2 years of planning experience and want to set yourself up for a fulfilling career where you are in control. 

Our Solutions.

Next Level Career Review

Before you jump into anything new it is important to understand the current state of play, what is working for you right now, what isn't, where you want to be and then making a practical plan to get there.

Business Blueprint

There are a million ways to set up a business, but no need to waste time playing with different apps and software and websites. We can give you our templates and show you how to setup your professional business with a complete website in less than 1 month.​

Regional Licencing ​

Are you an expert town planner and work with a specific type of use type or Local Government Area? You can become a JREY expert consultant under your own brand, leveraging off our existing network with support from our team when you want to take holidays or have a question.

About us.

I started my private town planning firm in 2014, I was 25 years old. 

I didn’t like having a boss and I didn’t like sitting at a desk for 9+ hours a day because “that’s how it’s done”. 

I did like the work though and I knew I could build a business that worked for me. 

8 years later I have built a lifestyle private town planning business that makes me profit, gives me the freedom to work from where I want when I want and I have plenty of time to spend with friends, family and on hobbies I enjoy.

I want this for others, but fast-tracked. I want more planners to come on board the JREY way. Life and work can be more enjoyable!


Tracey joined JREY with zero town planning experience but under guidance and training has flexibility in her work schedule and often has to advise people she is not a ‘graduate town planner’ upon being complimented for her technical knowledge. 

By being a JREY parter as a licenced town planner, we can assist you to train non-planners to actually make your work life easier. 

JREY is an innovative town planning business that offers true flexibility for the director, employees and contractors.

This is what one of our town planning contractors thinks about working with JREY.

“After having my first daughter, I went back to my full time job in a planning consultancy. They wanted to be supportive of me as a new mum but the workload and amount of hours required to keep up with client expectations was unsustainable…JREY’s flexible work has been a blessing as it allowed me to write reports at night and spend time with my kids in the day without the phone ringing and emails pinging all day”. P.D.

By being part of the JREY business model you can have access to our network of professional town planners who can support you when your workload increases, you go on holiday or need a break without having to ‘hire’ (unless that’s what you want).