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Your Town Planning
Questions Answered + Fast Development Approvals

JREY is here to guide you through the development assessment process and avoid those pesky town planning monsters.

Your Town Planning
Questions Answered + Fast Development Approvals

JREY can answer all your development assessment and town planning questions as well as obtain development approvals for your small scale property projects.

Town Planning Problems JREY can Solve:

  1. Identifying Development Opportunities [what could you do with your site].
  2. Obtaining Development Approvals through the Development Assessment Process [what you can do with your property].

How We Help You

Preliminary Planning Reviews

This is where we answer any of your initial or outstanding town planning questions such as “what are my development options?”.

Development Approvals

This done-for-you service takes your project through the entire development assessment process to obtain development approval from your local Council. 

Guides + Crash Courses

We have a $99 quick-start guide for anyone wanting to know the development assessment basics in 30 minutes or less. 

We will get it approved.
So you can build it.

It makes sense to use a done for you service to obtain town planning advice and development approvals. Why waste hours working out what you can and can’t do or time documenting it all for Council and clients.

Just Some of Our Projects

Subdivision + New Houses. Brisbane.

Apartment Complex. Logan.

Medical Centre. Gold Coast.

The town planning monsters
are out there.

Don't let them get you.