Small Lot Subdivision | Camp Hill

  JREY® was pleased to obtain Development Approval for this 1 into 2 lot subdivision in Camp Hill, Brisbane. Small lots can be approved in Brisbane where any part of the lot frontage is within 200m walking distance of any part of the lot frontage of a site or sites in a zone in the […]

2 into 3 Lot Subdivision | Brisbane

DA APPROVED in 14 Days via Brisbane RiskSMART – 2 into 3 Reconfiguration of Lots into x3 406m2 Residential blocks of Land. These vacant allotments will be utilised for 3 x new family homes in Camp Hill by Kyabel. The original site comprised two adjoining residential allotments of 607m2 to create a combined area of […]

Early Referral Under Schedule 6 | Brisbane

This small lot house came to JREY® for early referral due to an exemption under Schedule 6 of the Planning Regulation changes made in December 2022. Whilst a small lot house is not assessable under the Planning Act due to the Emergency Housing changes without the presence of any further overlays (flooding, traditional building character, […]

Dual Occupancy + Subdivision + House | Brisbane

This foundational development approval was obtained by Urban Planners Queensland now trading as JREY®. The development approval issued by Brisbane City Council via a Planning and Environment Court Order was for: Subdivision 1 into 2 Lots Dwelling house alterations Dual Occupancy / Duplex (2 dwellings). Key concerns to overcome during the impact assessable development application […]

Pre-war Queenslander Renovation | Brisbane

Brisbane City Council approved the pre-war house renovations to: Carry Out Building Work (Development Permit) for partial demolition of a dwelling house in the Traditional building character overlay. Carry Out Building Work (Development Permit) for extensions to a dwelling house in the Traditional building character overlay. The proposal complied with all acceptable outcomes of the […]

Minor Change to House and Subdivision Approval | Brisbane

The original Brisbane City Council approval was for: Material Change of Use Development Permit – House On Small Lot Material Change of Use Development Permit – House On Small Lot Reconfiguring a Lot Development Permit – Subdivision of Land JREY was engaged to obtain a minor change for plan changes specifically to one Material Change […]

Pre-1947 House Renovation in TBC Overlay | Brisbane

The approved development was for dwelling house alterations was fully compliant with the relevant Acceptable Outcomes and Performance Outcomes of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Brisbane City Council approved: • Carry Out Building Work (Development Permit) for dwelling house alterations in the Traditional building character overlay. The proposal was specifically to remove the undercroft of the […]

House + Secondary Dwelling | Nudgee Beach

The proposal involves the relocation, re-stumping, raising and minor extension of the existing dwelling house as the secondary dwelling and the subsequent construction of a new dwelling house as primary residence. The minor exceedance of gross floor area by a marginal 7.5sqm to the secondary dwelling constitutes a material change of use and triggers code […]

Health Care Service | Coomera

This development approval was for a Material Change of Use for a for a Health Care Service in the Neighbourhood Centre Zone of Coomera. The development aims to establish a new health care centre that provides the highest standard, non-discriminatory medical care in a convenient location. The professional and accessible medical service will provide 5 […]

Warehouse | Logan RiskSMART

Logan City Council approved this warehouse via RiskSMART as JREY is RiskSMART accredited. The site is zoned Mixed Use but is not located in a precinct. The site had an existing approval for a mechanic workshop. A warehouse is not listed in section, however a warehouse on this site would ordinarily be accepted development […]