The development approval granted was for a new air service use in Karara.

The proposal will see a new helipad and associated hanger established on an existing rural property.

Whilst the proposed use, was impact assessable and subject to public notification, it is was found that the use is commensurate with the rural zone. Helicopters and other light aircraft are common features among rural properties and commonly utilised for crop dusting, mustering, tourism and many other legitimate purposes. The proposed development was  located and designed to minimise environmental impacts. The development was also been located, designed, and oriented, to avoid the flood and bushfire hazard overlays.

In accordance with Schedule 1 of Southern Downs Planning Scheme, the proposed development including Dwelling House was defined as follows:

Air Service:

Premises used for any of the following:
the arrival and departure of aircraft
the housing, servicing, refuelling, maintenance and repair of aircraft
the assembly and dispersal of passengers or goods on or from an aircraft
any ancillary activities directly serving the needs of passengers and visitors to the use associated training and education facilities
aviation facilities.