JREY obtained development approval from Brisbane City Council for this beautiful pre-war house renovation in the Traditional Building Character overlay.  The proposal included building work which was partially accepted development but included code assessable development works.

The existing dwelling house to create a dwelling to incorporate more recreational area on the subject site for personal use. The dwelling retained being readily recognisable as an altered pre-war dwelling with the priority features of the original dwelling to be retained.

The existing dwelling was predominantly of post-war construction identified by the change in construction material and internal alterations in the town planning application. Whilst partial demolition was proposed, this work was heavily to the rear of the dwelling with alterations forward of the primary ridge generally limited to windows and post-war additions. It was found  that no integral components of the dwelling are to be removed.

The architect ensured the proposed design emphasised the original form of the pre-war dwelling by opening up a side verandah and utilising materials which complement the existing dwelling. The local area is characterised by expansive large homes to the west (opposite subject site) with modern and altered pre-war dwellings dominating the eastern side of the streetscape. The proposed development was considered and approved to be an appropriate and contextual response to the locality and the property owner’s requirements.

Accepted works included;

  • Demolition of outdoors areas, including the gazebo and tree removal;
  • Demolition of post-war renovations (predominantly to rear of dwelling);
  • Demolition of pre-war material to the rear of the apex of the roof (rear of current dwelling is a predominantly post-war extension);
  • Proposed carport to the side of the existing dwelling;
  • Raising the existing dwelling;
  • Removal of existing stairs and replacement with new access stairs;
  • Enclose beneath the dwelling to the core of the upper floor;
  • Relocation of dwelling to be within 20% of nearest pre-war house front setback;
  • Tennis court;

Assessed Brisbane City Plan codes were:

  • Character Residential Zone Code
  • Dwelling House Code
  • Traditional Building Character Overlay (Design) Code
  • Traditional Building Character Overlay (Demolition) Code


Client: Alexandra Buchanan Architects