This educational establishment use was approved with JREY town planning services in Brisbane, Queensland.

An educational establishment covers a range of facilities, in this case our client sought approval for a training facility in an existing industrial complex.

The complex was zoned such that industrial uses were as-of-right, whilst the educational establishment required an impact assessable development application to be lodged with Brisbane City Council as prescribed by the local planning scheme.


Formal Definition:

Educational establishment

Editor’s note—The use term is defined in the Planning Regulation 2017 – Regulated Requirements

Educational establishment means the use of premises for—

  1. training and instruction to impart knowledge and develop skills; or
  2. student accommodation, before or after school care, or vacation care, if the use is ancillary to the use in paragraph (a).

Examples of an educational establishment— college, outdoor education centre, primary school, secondary school, special education facility, technical institute, university

Does not include – Childcare centre, home-based child care, family day care.