JREY obtained development approval for a sporting complex under the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme.

The development application sought was for a Material Change of Use (Development Permit) for outdoor sport and recreation.

The following buildings and structures were approved:

The Subject Site was contained within the Recreation and Open Zone. In accordance with Table Recreation and open space zone an outdoor sport and recreation use is accepted development subject to requirements where:

  1. located on Council owned or controlled land;
  2. complying with the relevant requirements for accepted development;
  3. not complying with the circumstances for accepted development.

Otherwise the development is Code Assessable. It was found that the proposal could not comply with Requirement for Accepted Development [RAD] 44 of the Recreation and Open Space Code or RAD 5 of the Coastal Hazard Overlay Code.

The development was therefore code assessable and an application lodged with the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

The following primary codes were assessed: