This industrial project came to JREY in two parts, as a change to the existing approval and a new development application as the previous one had lapsed.

The proposal was for a staged low impact industry and warehouse use within the Industrial Investigations zone.

The purpose of the industry investigation zone is to identify and protect land that may be suitable for industry activities, subject to further planning and investigation.

The subject site was ideally located to utilise and optimise freight routes between the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport and the broader Brisbane area. This allowed the development to enhance the function of the Port of Brisbane’s role as a key centre for freight, logistics and industry.

The Port of Brisbane Motorway segregates the industrial zones from more sensitive land uses to the south such as the environmental management zone and low-density residential zones.

The following codes of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 were assessed as part of the development application:

  • Industry Investigation Zone Code
  • Industry Code
  • Filling and Excavation code
  • Infrastructure Design Code
  • Landscape Code
  • Outdoor Lighting Code
  • Stormwater Code
  • Transport, access, parking and servicing code
  • Wastewater code
  • Coastal Hazard overlay
  • Flood overlay
  • Hemmant-Lytton neighbourhood plan code