This small lot house was JREY approved with Brisbane City Council for renovations on a small lot.

The proposed house extension required a number of minor performance outcomes against the dwelling house small lot code for side setbacks and site cover. The side setback non-compliance is limited to new building work for screening to the upper floor sunroom with the lower floor garden room having a height of less than 3.5m and being non-habitable space as per AO6 of the dwelling house small lot code.

Performance outcomes were sought for site cover – being only 1.6% above the 50% acceptable outcome – and gross floor area within the neighbourhood plan code. The dwelling maintained a significant percentage of open space for landscaping and is of a bulk and scale consistent with the streetscape.

Codes assessed within the Brisbane City Plan 2014 included:

  • Low Medium Density Residential Zone Code
  • Dwelling House (Small Lot) Code
  • Traditional Building Character (Design) Code
  • New Farm Teneriffe Hill Neighbourhood Plan Code


Client: Kieron Gait Architects