This minor change approval issued by Brisbane City Council sought a ‘Minor Change’ to Material Change of Use Approval A005012245 in accordance with s78 of the Planning Act 2016 (PA2016). The original approval was for subdivision, 1 into 2 lots, house renovations and a new house.

In accordance with Schedule 2 of PA2016, a ‘Minor Change’ (for a Development Approval) is:

minor change means a change that— (b) for a development approval—

(i) would not result in substantially different development; and

(ii) if a development application for the development, including the change, were made when the change application is made would not cause—

(A) the inclusion of prohibited development in the application; or

(B) referral to a referral agency, other than to the chief executive, if there were no referral agencies for the development application; or

(C) referral to extra referral agencies, other than to the chief executive; or

(D) a referral agency to assess the application against, or have regard to, matters prescribed by regulation under section 55(2), other than matters the referral agency must have assessed the application against, or have had regard to, when the application was made; or

(E) public notification if public notification was not required for the development application.


In accordance with PA2016 the modifications represented a ‘minor change’ to the development approval as the proposal:

  • does not result in a substantially different development;
  • inclusive of the changes, does not require referral to additional

    concurrence agencies; and

  • inclusive of the changes, does not escalate the level of assessment for the