House Renovation in Flood Overlay | Brisbane

Development approval was obtained to: Relocate and re-orientate the existing house New rear addition to existing house New carport and workshop structure In accordance with Table 5.10.11—Flood overlay and Table 5.10.25— Waterway corridors overlay the proposed extensions and ancillary structures were accepted development where complying with the relevant codes. A flood report prepared by an […]

Small Lot Subdivision | Brighton

  Brisbane City Council approved this development for Subdivision – 1 Lot into 2 Lots despite the allotments being less than 400m2 in site area. The subject site was measured to be less than 200m walking distance from the 2000m2 centre zone. This measurement was created using Brisbane City Plan 2014 interactive mapping, using likely […]

Queenslander Renovation | Brisbane

Brisbane City Council approved the applicant to undertake a slight repositioning of the existing dwelling with partial demolition, for the purpose of constructing a extension to the rear of the house. The dwelling was identified as a pre- war house having been constructed prior to 1911 with a renovated interior and minimal post-war additions. The […]

Pre War House Renovation | Brisbane

Brisbane City Council approved these building alterations to the existing dwelling house by Maytree Studios. The existing house is of pre-war construction. The house was originally built as part of an estate for married war workers and their families including about 100 cottages built by 1944. The house was however significantly altered through raising and […]

6 Lot Subdivision | Wishart

  It was originally proposed to remove the 2 existing dwellings from the subject site and subdivide the amalgamated property (2 lots) into 7 lots. The subdivision was reconfigured in a way to allow for reduced street access and a minimum rear lot size of 600m2 to be met. All frontage allotments have a site […]

New TBC House | Bayside Brisbane

JREY® town planning services were proud to collaborate again with Kieron Gait Architects to obtain development approval for this brand new home in the bayside suburb of Wynnum within the Traditional Building Character overlay. The proposal sought to construct a new two storey + roof deck dwelling house located on a vanct site. This modernised […]

Subdivision | House Relocation

The key component of the approved development can be described as a Subdivision (1 Lot into 2 Lots) of the pre-existing 506m2 property into two new allotments as follows: Lot 90: Site area of 236m2 with 9.4m frontage Lot 91: Site area of 269m2 with 10.717m frontage The proposed subdivision triggered an Impact Assessment development […]

Heritage House | Sunshine Coast

The Council approved development was for building work involving additions and minor demolition of an existing dwelling house that is identified as a local heritage place. The subject site is in the Low Density Residential zone and the Buderim Local Plan Area. Overlays applying to the land included the heritage and character, airport environs and […]

Industrial Workshop | Brisbane

This development for a Medium Impact Industry B (Spray Painting Workshop for Vehicles) on land which was previously approved for an educational purposes use.

Dwelling House | Flood Overlay

Council approval for house in a flood zone

The proposal was for dwelling house alterations and extensions to improve the flood resilience of the existing house. The extensions were proposed on the upper level which is intended to become the primary living area as it has 0.8m of freeboard above the defined flood event. No extensions were proposed at ground level aside from […]