This Brisbane City Council approved development application sought the following permits:

  1. Reconfiguring a Lot – Boundary Realignment 2 into 2 lots.
  2. Dwelling house alterations – House 1
  3. New dwelling house – House 2

The location was appropriate for this scale and density and development.

The boundary realignment allowed for greater urban consolidation and housing options, whilst allowing the retention of an existing traditional character dwelling.

The subject site is located within the CR1 Character zone and notably within the Bulimba district neighbourhood plan.
The subject site is located across two lots, each with an area of approximately 405m2.

The south is predominated by the CR1 Character zone, mixed with small pockets of the low- density residential zone.
The subject site gains access via an existing double crossover to the Street.

The site contained an existing dwelling house situated in the centre of the lot. The house was identified as a pre-war dwelling house. The existing dwelling did contain some features commensurate with pre-1911 dwellings. However, it was been confirmed that the subject site was vacant in 1911 via a flyer from 16 December 1911, which advertised the vacant lots for sale.