Brisbane City Council approved these building alterations to the existing dwelling house by Maytree Studios. The existing house is of pre-war construction. The house was originally built as part of an estate for married war workers and their families including about 100 cottages built by 1944.

The house was however significantly altered through raising and renovations in the past.

It was approved to remove the post-war front balcony as per the existing dwelling.

The renovations were able to comply with the Traditional building character (demolition) overlay code and Traditional building character (design) overlay code of Brisbane City Plan 2014 v22.

Notably, the proposal ensured that the building did not lose integral components such as feature roof forms or side verandahs. The proposed minor demolition did not result in a narrow building despite the existing renovations to the dwelling which resulted in the single storey home being raised to 2 storey in the past.

This dwelling is not the typical tin and timber Queenslander pre-war house, however the proposed alterations have the intent to create a practical home for modern living whilst ensuring the new components of the build match the materials and design elements of the original pre-war portions of the house.