Approved by Somerset Regional Council with JREY, this development was for a combined short-term accommodation use (3 rooms) and associated managers accommodation. The proposal sought to service mountain bike riders who embark upon the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. The area is also popular with touring motorcycle groups, who may be identified as a secondary customer.

Linville forms part of the Moore to Linville section of the Brisbane Rail Trail, a 7km section with picturesque views and (mostly) gentle slopes. Linville is a small town with historic beginnings, making it a prime rest station for those utilising the nearby trails.

The development was generally compliant the with Acceptable Outcomes of the Township Zone Code of the local planning scheme. The proposed development incorporated traditional elements reflected in the character of the township. The development is to utilise raw materials and exposed structures to embrace the rural landscape.

The development is orientated towards the street with the short-term accommodation to be setback from the manager’s accommodation, each with a private entrance. From the streetscape, the development will presented as one “dwelling” with the manager’s accommodation being the dominant structure.

Assessed codes include:

  • Township zone code
  • Short term accommodation code
  • Services, works and infrastructure code
  • Transport, access and parking code
  • Bushfire hazard overlay code
  • Catchment management overlay code


Client: Refresh Design