The key component of the approved development can be described as a Subdivision (1 Lot into 2 Lots) of the pre-existing 506m2 property into two new allotments as follows:

  • Lot 90: Site area of 236m2 with 9.4m frontage
  • Lot 91: Site area of 269m2 with 10.717m frontage

The proposed subdivision triggered an Impact Assessment development application as each lot size was less than 450m2 as per Table 5.6.1—Reconfiguring a lot – Character residential zone of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

The existing dwelling house is to be repositioned towards the northern boundary providing a minimum of 1m side setbacks on the new proposed allotment. The front and rear setbacks are proposed to remain as existing, however the house is to align to the side and front boundary rather than angled as it is currently.

The partial demolition of the dwelling involves removal of the car port and the existing bathroom extension on the southern elevation. As these components were constructed post-1946, this partial demolition is considered accepted development.