The approved development includes a Reconfiguration of a Lot permit, Material Change of Use permits and Building Works permits.

A summary of the Council approved works includes:

  • Subdivision – 1 into 3 lots
  • Relocation of existing pre-war dwelling and partial demolition – House 1
  • House Extensions – House 1
  • New dwelling house – House 2
  • New dwelling house – House 3

The code assessable development application was deemed compliant and approved under the following City Plan codes:

  • Low-Medium Density Residential Zone Code
  • Dwelling House (Small Lot) Code
  • Subdivision Code
  • Filling and Excavation Code
  • Infrastructure Design Code
  • Landscape Work Code
  • Outdoor Lighting Code
  • Stormwater Code
  • Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Code
  • Wastewater Code
  • Road Hierarchy Overlay Code
  • Streetscape Hierarchy Overlay Code
  • Traditional Building Character Demolition Overlay Code
  • Traditional Building Character Design Overlay Code
  • Bulimba District Neighbourhood Plan Code