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Development Applications.

Educational Training.

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Initial Planning Advice

You are seeking quick and detailed upfront development compliance advice. Our Preliminary Planning Review [PPR] will help you move forward.

Development Approvals

You want us to take you through the entire development assessment process to have your project approved to obtain a development permit.

Educational Courses

You or your team would benefit from learning and understanding the development assessment (town planning) fundamentals. 

4 Key Stages Where You Will Need JREY.

1. Pre-purchase Assessment.

Early consultation is a key determinant of success in property development projects. Not only can we provide site investigation, including comprehensive information about the history of the property and any limitations, we also jump right in to liaise with Council and interested parties from the earliest possible stages.

We’ve found that a consultative approach leads to smoother processes, improved risk mitigation strategy and better overall outcomes, no matter the complexities of the proposed transaction

2. Pre-lodgement.

Pre-lodgement meetings are not always necessary for minor projects. However, this service is available from most Councils and state Departments to examine project feasibility and whether the development is likely to meet legislative requirements. We recommend taking advantage of this service to avoid regulatory obstacles that can stall the project once it’s underway.

Having professional town planners like JREY representing and advocating for you in pre-lodgement meetings can be a make-or-break factor in the success of your development project.

We have excellent working relationships with all Councils. We’re able to mediate, advise and work with you and officials to gain favourable outcomes and determine possible solutions. In some cases, the final solution has been better than our clients ever dreamed of.

Our commercial client was looking to purchases a property in SE Queensland to develop a health care service. This project was ‘Impact Assessable’, with increased risk. We held a pre-lodgement meeting with Council to determine support and hash out opportunities and constraints. The result – a de-risked DA, processed smoothly and quickly.

3. Development Applications.

Although many (but not all) forms are online, there’s still a huge burden of documentation detail accompanying every development application. There are no shortcuts.

The good news is that JREY, your expert private town planning specialists, will take care of the entire paperwork trail, with excellent attention to detail and focused energy to keep the process moving to completion.

Believe it or not, we actually enjoy doing this, so don’t hesitate to let us carry the administrative burden for you.

“After months of frustration, attempting the paperwork on their own for a dwelling house DA, JREY was called in to make it happen. We had the approval done and in their hands within the month.”

4. Post Development Approval Services.

Our experienced team can provide assistance at every stage. We can help with ‘Generally in Accordance Advice’, ‘Minor and Other Changes’ and applying for extensions to the currency period.

It can become hard to see the forest for the trees. We walk with you to smooth the path. We have an excellent track record for successful outcomes.

With prior development approval for multiple dwellings set to lapse within 6 months, and no possibility of commencing construction in that time, JREY was called in to help. The client needed an extension of the currency period so they could start construction later, without reapplying for approval. JREY assessed the project against the existing and previous legislation and obtained a 2-year extension to the currency period.

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