STCA meaning?

STCA stands for ‘Subject to Council Approval’.

But what does STCA mean? The meaning of the STCA acronym implies that a property has potential to be developed or re-developed but only with a Council development approval. 

The statement STCA is often utilised (sometimes over-utilised) by real estate agents in Queensland to imply a property has potential to be developed with the clause that the development is subject to Council development approval. An example of this usage of the term is provided below from an Australian real estate site. 

As an experienced town planner, the STCA acronym in property sales copy should be approached with caution. As sales copy is generally not written by someone with development assessment experience.

So why would someone put ‘Subject to Council Approval’ on their property listing? To create interest and drive sales prices up for sellers. In the example below STCA is used both to indicate renovation potential of the existing house. This particular listing also alerts the potential purchaser that there are development regulations which may impact future renovation options.

Real Estate STCA

How to find out if Council will Approve a project.

If you see STCA in a real estate listing, you can always reach out to your local Council or JREY to understand the true development potential of the property.

To assist buyers, we have a Preliminary Planning Review service [PPR]. This service enables the JREY team to collate relevant property information and review against your desired development or identify opportunities. You can learn more about this service via this link.