Join JREY as an independent Town Planner.  

What is the difference between these two photos? 

The ‘then’ photo was taken during a time in my private town planning business where I took on a building lease, put in some furniture and filled it with staff. It looked cool and ‘successful’ but I was stressed and it was NOT fun. I smiled through it though because I believed this is what being in business and working for yourself was meant to be like. It absolutely wasn’t. 

Flash forward a few years to the ‘now’, I run a fun but efficient online town planning consultancy from my home with an ‘in-house’ team who can work from anywhere.  We get to see more of our families and do what we love each day which ensures our cups are filled. The happier we are, the easier it is to provide consistent great service to our clientele. 

What’s this got to do with you though?


You may be an excellent private town planner.

You may not want a boss and to work your own hours. 

You may want to work from home or where-ever you wish to be at any given time.

You want to still be able to take time off without worrying about projects and clients.


You don’t want to have to put on staff.

You don’t want to do all the extra things required of a business owner.

And I get that because I’ve been doing it for 8 years and it is ALOT to be the best town planner you can be whilst also wearing 5 other job hats. If you do want the big business and the office, I probably can’t offer you anything at this time but we wish you the best. 

If you are a passionate town planner and want to partner with JREY as an independent town planner we can offer you:

> Hourly based work as an independent planner (you will need to demonstrate competence + trust first). 

> We can pay commission for projects brought to JREY which you do not wish to deliver (wrong area, project type or scale).

> We can deliver your projects for you, all you need to do is the technical planning work (that’s right; no admin, no chasing up, no co-ordinating the many moving parts of a DA; just your town planning expertise and focus).

We want you as our JREY town planner to be able to stay in your zone of genius without unnecessary admin and distractions. 

Interested in knowing more, please email with the subject line: JREY Town Planner.

Note: We are looking for planners all over Australia so don’t be shy if you aren’t from QLD. Let us know your area of expertise. 

Jessica Reynolds

JREY Founder