Are you looking for a Brisbane town planner?

You have come to the right place. At JREY (formerly known as Urban Planners Queensland) we service all small property developments Queensland wide, including in the Brisbane local government area.

Brisbane City Plan 2014

Brisbane City Council requires all development to be assessed against and comply with Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Your development will either be categorised as accepted development, code assessable or impact assessable.

If your project is ‘accepted development’ it does not require a development application to be lodged.

A ‘code assessable’ development application can take from 2 weeks up to 3 months for approval to be issued by Council.

If your project is ‘impact assessable’  please allow for 5 months or longer as there is a 15 business day public notification period for this level of assessment.

Getting Relevant Brisbane Town Planning Advice

If you are looking for advice about the development assessment process, or town planning in general you can approach Council or a private town planner. A private town planner can provide assistance with your planning enquiries quickly and efficiently, however Council’s advice can be free.

There are a number of ways to gain advice about planning policies and property development in Brisbane.

We might be bias but we believe the most reliant advice is via a JREY Preliminary Planning Review which we refer to as a PPR. Our PPR has been designed and formulated over the past 10 years working with people like you who want, affordable, timely but also RELIABLE advice so they can move forward with your project.

No, we aren’t like other town planning firms (don’t they all say that). We discuss daily how we can better serve our Brisbane clients with our delivery team dedicated to finding ways to educate our clients and get them the results they desire. Whether you are building you dream house in the traditional building character overlay on a small lot, or a new medical centre in the northern suburbs of Brisbane – We can help.

If you are not from local area, you will need to understand the QLD planning controls. You can discuss these with a Brisbane town planner or you can undertake a quick-start course by JREY education through our portal.

Efficiency, communication and transparency are some of our highest values as a town planning firm. We have been operating in Brisbane since 2014. Whilst we have the experience we can bring an energy that other older firms maybe don’t have anymore. We are ready to work with you and exceed your expectations.

Some Key Differences in Brisbane Planning Legislation

There are codes that are very specific to Brisbane properties that you won’t find elsewhere. Codes such as the dwelling house character overlay ensure that small lots meet specific design criteria and houses on standard allotments provide sufficient car parking, limit secondary dwelling (granny flat) gross floor areas and meet the height and storey expectations of the location.

Are you thinking about building a granny flat and renting it out? Unfortunately,  granny flat rental is not allowed under the Brisbane City Plan 2014. Granny flats are defined as a secondary dwelling and secondary dwellings must be occupied by persons who interact and are part of the same household as the primary house. This means you must share meals or laundry facilities between the main house and the secondary dwelling.

If you would like to rent out your granny flat (secondary dwelling) in Brisbane you will need to apply for a dual occupancy. A dual occupancy in most cases will not be supported by Council however with this type of housing not generally envisioned in most residential zones of Brisbane.

Town Planning Consultant Costs

The big question is, how much does a town planner in Brisbane cost, or what are town planning consultant costs in general? This depends on the scale and scope of your project. You should be paying around $500 for upfront professional advice, beware of the free assessment and a development application by a consultant should start around $3,000.

Whilst the schedule of fees for a town planner may seem steep at first, the results you see will far outweigh the time and effort it will take to educate yourself on the DA process, legislation and complete the necessary documentation.